My Kindergartner Read WHAT?

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As a former reading teacher, my area of expertise is with striving middle school readers. My perennial challenge was to dig up reading materials that were high interest/low ability and looks middle school-ish. Nothing kills a middle school student's confidence faster than walking around with a elementary-level reading book.

As a mother of twin kindergartners, I'm facing a different challenge. Both peeps read well above grade level. Not only that, but they have mind blowing comprehension skills. So, in a strange - and thrilling! - turn of events, I'm faced with finding high ability/appropriate content reading material for them. Junie B. Jones is a favorite, but I can tell those books aren't presenting much of a challenge anymore. Tonight, I passed along  A Wedding For Wiglaf?  by Kate McMullan . It's around a  3rdgrade level, and I think they might enjoy it. I finished it today as part of my Project 2013 (which isn't going so well, but that's fodder for another blog).

One of the peeps' teachers recommended that we let them read what they want to read, and I must admit I'm leaning in that direction. My father never censored my reading when I was growing up (he probably should have), so limiting my kids' access to reading makes me uncomfortable.  I don't want them to become bored with books to the point that they stop reading, but I'm a little nervous that they will uncover too much too soon and I'll have a lot of  explaining to do. Parental discretion is advised, right?

Are there any teachers or parents out there with the same challenge? I'd love to hear your solutions, and if you have any reading recommendation, PLEASE pass those along!

Thanks for reading! It keeps your ... Mind Full of Literacy!

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